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Mikä on säänkestävä teräs

Julkaisuaika: 2022-06-11 Luettu: 9

The weathering steel, namely atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel, is a low-alloy steel between ordinary steel and stainless steel. The weathering steel is made of ordinary carbon steel with a small amount of corrosion-resistant elements such as copper and nickel. It makes the steel material form a dense oxide layer between the rust layer and the matrix, prevents the infiltration of oxygen and water in the atmosphere into the steel matrix, and slows down the in-depth development of corrosion to the steel material, so as to improve the atmospheric corrosion resistance. The atmospheric corrosion resistance is 2-5 times that of ordinary carbon steel. It has the characteristics of toughness, plastic extension, forming, welding and cutting, corrosion, high temperature and fatigue resistance of high-quality steel.

Standard for weathering steel

Weathering steel standard of various

Weathering steelwith welded structure of Japan JIS G3114
High weathering steel of Japan JIS G3125-1987
American standard for weathering steel ASTMA871, ASTMA690
International standard for weathering steel ISO-4952
European standard for weathering steel EN 10155
French standard for weathering steel NFEN 10155
Korean standard for weathering steel KSD3529
Italian standard for weathering steel UNI EN 10155
Polish standard for weathering steel PN/H 84017
British standard for welded weathering steel BS 7668
German standard for weathering steel DINEN 10155,DIN 5512

Weathering steel standard of China

High weathering structural steel GB / T4171-1984
Standard and specification for weathering steel for welded structure GB / T4172-1984
Technical conditions for weathering steelplates (strips) for railway vehicles TB/T1979-1987
Test method for periodic infiltrationcorrosion of weathering steel for railway TB/T2375-1993
Technical conditions for weathering steel welding of locomotive TB/T2446-1993
High weathering structural steel GB / T4171-2000
Weathering steel for welded structure GB / T4172-2000
Standard for corrosion resistant steel plates and strips for containers GB / T18982-2003
Weathering structural steel GB / 4171-2008
Technical conditions for weathering steel plates (strips) for railway vehicles TB/T1979-2014
Technical specification for steel structure of high-rise civil buildings in China JGJ99-2015
Technical specification for weathering steel bridge DB14/1864-2019
Corrugated beam alloy steel guardrail T/CECS10088-2020
Rare earth weathering structural steel T/CSM 12-2020
General technical requirements for solar photovoltaic system support JG / T 490-2016